Carnegie Hall NYC Trip

Carnegie Hall NYC Trip

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ACDA in Dallas was PHENOMENAL!

Mrs. LeDoux and I were so proud of the members from the Middle School Honor choir represented at the ACDA National Honor Choirs in Dallas.  They were outstanding in every way possible! 
What a great time of growing musically and connecting with other students from around the nation with a common passion - singing great choral music! 
Thanks again parents for all of your support both in time and finances for this amazing opportunity! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Mark your calendars:
                                March 14 - no regular MSHC rehearsal (due to ACDA Conference)

                                April 4 - PERFORMANCE TOUR
                                          10:45 travel to Montereau
                                          11:40 eat sack lunch at a park
                                          12:20 travel to Town Village
                                            1:10 return to Holland Hall

                                April 11 - Evening of the Arts (time TBA)

                                May 7 - Spring Concert at WAC (time TBA)

You'll need your performance attire for the April 11 & May 7th programs.  We'll wear our regular school uniform for the performance tour on April 4.

We're going to make a recording for submission to OMEA and/or SWACDA conferences in 2014.  Look for information soon about this!  Until then, please attend each rehearsal at 7:10 on Thursdays!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

National Anthem at the Oiler's Feb. 10!

Holland Hall Middle School Honor Choir wanted....

to sing “The Star Spangled Banner”

on Feb. 10, 2013 4:05 pm

at the Tulsa Oilers Hockey Game (BOK Center)

See the attached flyer for information concerning discounted tickets for the families.  The participating MSHC members will be provided a ticket at no cost.  This will be a fun experience for all of the Holland Hall families to support our talented singers in this venue!  Please join us! Contact Lori Swisher at or 918.481.1111 X276 for questions.  
All money for ticket orders will be handled through the Oilers ticket office.  No exchange of money or tickets will take place at school through Mrs. Swisher or Mrs. LeDoux.

To better prepare for this event, please let me know if you’re MSHC member will be participating. Also, plan to arrive an hour before the game (3:05 PM on the 10th).

Mrs. Swisher & Mrs. LeDoux

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Familiar with our Spring Music!!!

Welcome to our new choir members!  We're so glad that you are joining us.

Here's some links to the music that we'll be learning this year:

Ain’a That Good News  -  Dawson

Ching a Ring Chaw

Come Let’s Be Merry

This Little Light
Ubi Caritaas - this Latin piece will be in the treble children's arrangement, but heard here is a University Choir - but it's so beautiful!
What a Wonderful World

Thursday, December 6, 2012

CTSWS Festival Members....

Jan. 26th, you'll be practicing all day with other 4th-8th graders from the Tulsa region.  Dan Wootton, a personal friend of mine, will be conducting the choir and working with you all day.  You'll love him!  He's one of the finest musicians I know and he's so fun to be inspired by.  I'm so glad that you'll be a part of this great day.
Be sure to listen to your recording (I made you a CD).  Here's the list of kids and their parts:

Elsah James, Soprano
Sarah Synar, Soprano

Kaelyn Case, Soprano

Emily Grace Moore, Soprano & 3 pt. M
Andrew Krueger, Soprano & 3 pt. Middle
Sadie Loller, Alto & 3 pt. Middle
Jonathan Atkinson, Alto & 3 pt. Middle
Abie Koch, Alto

Emily King, Alto

Emily Milton, Alto

ACDA Middle School Choir

Here's the link that you'll need to listen to as you prepare to learn your music.  The packet of music should be arriving soon.

Here's some links you may enjoy without the BLARING CLARINET on your part.

You will only be singing the last song of the Five Spirituals by Michael Tippett.
It's Deep River and here's a link for listening:

From Suite de Lorca....

The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet to Fly

A Vivid Riddle
Since this song was written for this choir, it's NEVER been performed before.  Therefore, there's not recording for listening.  However, it may be helpful to see the lyrics written down.

This music is QUITE CHALLENGING, but I know that Mrs. LeDoux will help you navigate through the songs.  Be sure to attend each and every MSHC rehearsal on Thursday mornings.  Also, as March gets closer, we'll need to begin to practice a little extra.
Congratulations on being accepted ---
Alto II        Lexi Lake

Tenor I        Jack Grossman
                  MacLeod Lawson
                  Joel Swisher

Tenor II    Johnny LaFortune
                Dakota Christian

ACDA Community Youth/Boychoir

The music should be arriving very soon, but until then, please go to this link to listen to your ACDA Community Youth/Boychoir music
We will be working on these songs also during our MSHC rehearsals every Thursday morning, but as you already know, we'll need to work even more as March draws near.  Until then, happy listening!  AND CONGRATULATIONS!  

Sop I        Sarah Thomas
                Sierra Isaacson
                Kaelyn Case
                Alec Cooper

Sop II        Breanna Lewis
                 Emily Milton

Alto I        Charlotte Bumgarner
Alto II        Emily King
                Abie Jo Koch
                Elle Mullendore